Monday, December 09, 2013

Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

I don't know if it's just me but the older I get, the more and more difficult I find it is to have a proper sleep-in! Ten years ago I would easily sleep well past 11am on weekends (those were the glamorous days of a life of a uni student) but now I struggle to sleep in past 8am! And that struggle only gets worse if I had gone out the night before and had one too many beverages! 

So I was in Sydney last weekend for my work Christmas party, had one too many cocktails that Saturday night and rather than sleeping it off, I was up at the crack of dawn next morning. The only thing I like more than sleep is of course food, so I made an executive decision to take myself out for breakfast.

I had heard so much about Devon Cafe in Surry Hills in the past months but have missed out on an opportunity to get there the last few times I've been in Sydney. Well, not this time! I was up early, I was in the area and I was finally going to make it there!

Devon Cafe has hipster written all over it in terms of decor; pot plant wall on one side, graffiti wall on another side, drinks served in jars... you get the picture. The cafe can feel a little crammed but there is a garden seating area out the back which has a much more relaxed feel to it. Or you can sit at the window and let all those passers by on not-so-classy Devonshire Street ogle at your bacon and eggs. The service is super friendly, super casual and suprisingly not too cool-for-school given the popularity of this place! The loud Latin music playing full blast at 8am was a little hard to digest; but that was probably just my sore head from the night before.

The breakfast menu is rather unique and with items and names like "Ogre Happy Meal" for an ox tounge dish or "My Second Asian Cousin" for a dish made of tapioca and coconut, it's certainly interesting and exotic. The menu states that they "craft" as much of the food in house as possible; referring to all the preserving, curing and pickling that they do. 

I started with a Refresher juice of watermelon, apple and mint ($7). 

This was just what I needed to replenish some lost hydration; perfectly refreshing and not too sweet.

After much perusing of the menu, I went for the Ogre Happy Meal ($21) as it sounded like just the fry up I needed. 

This was beautifully plated up. The ox tounge was a little too chewy than I would've liked but with the cauliflower purée and the pickled onion the dish worked really well. The fried eggs had the perfect oozy yolks and tasted heavenly with the crispy fried onions. My absolute favorite thing about this dish was the cubes of hash brown; so crispy and flavoursome. I really wish there was more of it though!

Although the Ogre Happy Meal did hit the spot, because of the heavy meaty nature of the dish I really felt like something sweet to end the morning. It's either that or I'm insanely gluttonous because I've heard amazing things about this Nutella banana muffin so I was just looking for an excuse to have it.

Ok so this was a little bit amazing! I mean, how could it not with that freshly baked banana chocolate muffin with a big dollop of warmed up Nutella glistening on top! The most decadent end to a lovely breakast.

So the verdict: I loved this little place! The food isn't your average breakfast fare; there's a certain flare and finesse gone into the dishes and the vibe and the service is nothing but welcoming. Devon Cafe definitely deserves it's popularity and will probably become a Surry Hills institution in no time, if it isn't already so.

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  1. that banana nutella muffin sure is decadant! love the lunch salads, but have not been back for breakfast - the last time I went it was disappointing (overcooked eggs) compared to previous visits. I can see why it's such a popular spot though!