Monday, September 02, 2013

Ona Coffee, Fyshwick

Ok so I have written raving reviews about Ona Coffee, Manuka in the past. While I still love everything about Ona Manuka, I've been finding myself frequenting Ona Fyshwick more and more so thought it's only fair to blog my two cents worth on the topic.

Ona Coffee House Fyshwick isn't in the nicest of locations. Heck, who are we kidding, it's in a horrible location in industrial Fyshwick amongst carpet shops and kebab takeaways but you don't go to Ona for the ambiance. But having said that, there's nothing at all wrong with the ambiance at Ona once you are actually inside the cafe. It's in fact rather hipster and that.

The wooden bar, high benches and bar stools together with segments of exposed brick walls, blackboard menus, low hanging exposed light bulbs and coffee related paraphernalia gives Ona quite a trendy feel. The service is always friendly with lots of high energy wait staff; either a priceless perk of the job or an occupational hazard, depending on which way you look at it.

The very first time I went to Ona Fyshwick for breakfast I was blown away by this simple yet amazing dish of truffled scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms and sourdough. 

The eggs were so creamy and rich. The white truffle that was infused into the eggs was just full of incredible flavour making this one very memorable breakfast dish. Oh and the humble 'shrooms were also amazing, sauteed to perfection with lots of butter and garlic, just the way I like it.

And then the other weekend the girls and I made a lunch pit stop at Ona while furniture shopping in the area and we had what we have now labelled the second best burger in Canberra (no points for guessing who gets the top spot). 

I had the bacon cheeseburger with Stilton cheese and it was all kinds of delicious. The brioche like bun was a standout and the beef patty was succulent and juicy. The cheese was too runny for my liking but the flavours were big and just right. Oh and those fries! We had much discussions about how perfect these fries were; thick cut, so crispy on the outside and with a delicious salty Cajun spice sprinkled on top. This was a seriously good burger!

So the verdict: Sure, Fyshwick isn't the kind of area one associates with a leisurely breakfast or a nice lunch but Ona is definitely worth the trip. The coffee is always amazing and the breakfast and lunch dishes always hit the mark, not to mention very reasonably priced as well. 

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