Thursday, August 22, 2013

Red Brick Espresso, Curtin

Ahh the joys of finding a new experience in Canberra! I got tipped off about Red Brick Espresso by more than one person, so despite the out of the way location I decided to make a special trip out to the 'burbs in search of a good caffeine fix and it was more than worth the effort.

Red Brick Espresso stands out as you drive past the Curtin shops because of the hipster milk crates outside the cafe in a suburban shopping strip that is anything but hipster otherwise. Inside it's warm and bathed in sunlight. Thank god, considering the Arctic-like temperatures and the howling wind outside! 

It's a long narrow space; coffee machine and counter on one side, tables and benches on the opposite side and the coffee roaster and the "lab" on the far end. On a nice sunny day the outdoor tables are bound to be in very high demand. 

The decor is a little bit retro and a little bit arty with the graffiti, exposed red brick wall (get it?) and retro furniture and serving plates. The vibe was just right; The music had the perfect beat and volume to make you feel relaxed and enjoy your coffee as well as the right volume to have a conversation with your company or concentrate on what's on your laptop, as in my case. The service, let me tell you, was FANTASTIC! Honestly, this was amongst some of the best service I have gotten in Canberra recently; plenty of smiles, right amount of banter and extremely welcoming from the time I walked in through the door to the time I left, nearly two hours later.

The coffee was sensational! The perfect grind, temperature and pour! They have a seasonally changing simple all day menu and a selection of cupcakes from Sweet Bones as well as other pastries, cakes and the likes. I went for the scrambled egg tortilla with bacon. It's a pretty simple dish and it was what it was; the tortilla was a bit too chewy for my liking but the rest was just fine. I was told that their new Spring menu will be out in a few weeks so there's a reason for a second visit in the near future.

So the verdict: 10/10 for coffee and the service! Add to that the fantastic welcoming vibe and Red Brick Espresso ticked all the right boxes for me. Even given the out of the way location, I wouldn't hesitate in going back just because I got far better service here than most of the painfully-too-cool-for-school cafes in my neighbourhood of Kingston and Manuka!

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