Monday, June 03, 2013

Kindle Cafe, Civic

Here's a little place tucked away so inconspicuously on the ground floor of an office building right across from Canberra Centre that you wouldn't know is there unless you really looked for it. And even then, you'd have to look really hard to find it. But once you do, you will wonder how on earth you hadn't seen it before. At least that's what happened to me.

On a weekday morning (because Kindle Cafe is only open Monday-Friday) I went looking for this little place, found it, loved it and even considered not blogging about as I think it might be one of those places where less people knew about it the better. Well, better for me, not so much for the owners probably.

Kindle Cafe has oodles of old world charm about it as well as bright bursts of color, making it a very intimate and charming space

 Comfortably worn leather chesterfield sofa is so inviting and yes, that is a cabinet full of Dream Cuisine macarons amongst other goodies

 The Moroccan inspired  colourful tables and cushions make the small space even more cosier

Private booths as well as sofas and scattered tables means there's a place to suit every kind of gathering

 Coffee wasn't quite the standard of Bean in the City next door, but it was still very good.

For a place that's so tiny with a kitchen that's even tinier, the menu is bewilderingly extensive! They do everything from all day breakfast to burgers and even laksas! 

I was in the mood for a simple breakfast of my favourite things. This is the "Kindle Breakfast" of toasted turkish bread topped with avacado, diced tomatoes and crispy bacon on the side. The avacado, tomato and crispy bacon were all perfect. The bread wasn't quite turkish bread; more like just normal thick cut white toast (which I wasn't going to eat either way, so I didn't really care). My biggest qualm was the the size of this teeny tiny plate; it took some major effort to keep my food from splish splashing all over the table. 

The service was a little cold to start with but it got friendlier as I made myself at home there for an hour (or two). As I sat there on to my second coffee, it was obvious that Kindle cafe gets a lot of regulars and the treatment that the regulars get was far more friendlier and welcoming than what a new face seemed to get. Minus points for that one!

So the verdict: Kindle cafe is a peaceful little oasis in the middle of Civic to take some respite from shopping centre madness and relax or even for a quiet business meeting. The menu is definitely worthy taking for a test drive (which I plan to do so) and if the service warms up a little I might just become a regular!

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