Friday, April 26, 2013

Podfood, Pialligo

This must be one of Canberra's best kept breakfast secrets! I had only been to Podfood once before; maybe it's the out of the way location (near the airport) or maybe it's the fact that they have a VERY tight corridor of opportunity for breakfast bookings on weekends (strictly 8.30-10am only; whats up with that? some of us like our weekend sleep-ins, Podfood!). But whatever the case, let me just say that this place is totally worth sacrificing my beauty sleep for and I am determined to get here more often as the food was that spectacular!

First of all, don't let the airport vicinity location put you off. The surroundings of Podfood couldn't be lovelier or more peaceful. Just look at that entrance! Tucked away on Beltana road amongst all the nurseries and plant shops, Podfood is a little slice of green heaven. You follow the path and make your way through the lush green shrubbery, past the cute wrought iron gate and the bird bath to find the charming cottage with a big covered deck on one side. It's a far cry from the industrial surroundings of the area and you really feel like you are out in the country somewhere. 

The restaurant is small and cozy but also very bright and inviting. Wooden floors, plenty of natural light streaming through the windows and how about those beautiful red roses on every single table?! Ahhhh just lovely!

Service was very polished and attentive; none of that abrupt cafe style service; Podfood is definitely a level above that. My flat white was perfect. And my food was just incredibly delicious.

I ordered the scrambled eggs with chorizo, smoked goats cheese and capsicum which came with a chunky slice of soy and linseed bread. This was a plate full of awesomeness on every level! The eggs were so fluffy, creamy and moist. The chorizo was incredibly spicy in an oh-my-god-give-me-more kind of way and it was almost charred giving it a wonderful smoky flavour. The goats cheese was sinfully creamy and rich. And the spicyness of the capsicum purée just worked perfectly with every single element of the dish and I was in breakfast heaven. Because of my food aversions of late, I didn't touch that slice of bread despite how tempting it looked and Nik was quick to assure me I was missing out on something great.

Nik went for the breakfast special of sous vide eggs on top of soy and linseed bread, bacon, melted Gruyère, tomato, mustard and capers. This was also every bit delicious as it looked; the bite of the mustard and the tang of capers worked wonders with the soft oozing eggs and the melted cheese. We both couldn't get enough of our meals.

We also spied on our neighbours who ordered pancakes and banana bread and oh my, their dishes looked as heavenly as ours. Had the portion sizes of our dishes not been so big and filling (NOT that we are complaining) we certainly would've contemplated having a "dessert breakfast" to share because you know, it's only fair in the name of research that I do that! But we were thoroughly stuffed so we will be returning for round two in the near future instead.

So the verdict: LOVED IT! If you haven't been to Podfood yet, forget about weekend sleep ins and make a reservation today. Delightful surroundings, heavenly food and just the right kind of service makes Podfood a new breakfast favourite of mine!

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  1. Yum! I haven't been to Pod Food since it was owned by the now 3Seeds owners... will have to check it out. (3Seeds did an amazing job - and also did some incredible foods for Christmastime!)

    1. I didn't know it had changed hands. Food was amazing. I don't think you'll be disappointed at all! :)

  2. The food looks delish! Looks like it's worth the early morning wake up :)