Monday, April 01, 2013

Poachers Pantry, Hall

Any out of towners visiting Canberra would probably put places like the Parliament House, War Memorial, The National Gallery, Portrait Gallery etc etc. on their to do list. That's all well and good but if you ask me and the girls we would put lunch at Brodburger and brunch at Poachers Pantry in that list too. Seriously! These are two of my favourite iconic Canberra venues so if you like your food you will love both of these places to bits. Guaranteed.

So, when Nik's mum was visiting over the long weekend we tried to do both. Of course in typical Canberran style Brodburger was closed the entire long weekend (boo hoo) but we were lucky to score a brunch reservation at Poachers on Sunday. So a nice half an hour Sunday drive later (which I know is really quite far by Canberra standards, but let me assure you it is well worth the drive) we arrived at Poachers.

The fresh country air and the green surroundings has to be good for the soul! 

 I love the rustic charm of this place

So as per usual Poachers lived up to my expectations and delivered a fantastic meal. Their menu is seasonally changing which I love, because there's always a surprise or two on the menu.

After much indecision (as most things on the menu sounded so good) I decided on the potato and Pecorino frittata with a side of bacon, Mississippi sausage, hash brown and green tomato relish. This was hands down the best breakfast I've had in a very long time. The frittata was fluffy and moist, the sausage was delicious in all it's smoked goodness, the hash brown was perfectly crispy, the relish was deliciously tangy and there was so much of yummy bacon. I was in breakfast heaven!

Nik had the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, avacado, potato rosti and fresh rocquette which she raved about. The eggs were so fluffy and creamy looking and there was a more than generous amount of smoked salmon in the dish. 

So the verdict: Nothing more to say than Poachers never disappoints! I can't wait for the next round of visitors are in town so we have an excuse to make the drive again!

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  1. I love Poacher's Pantry! We should definitely have a blogger brunch there sometime! xx

  2. I lived in Canberra for four years and I'm still kicking myself that I never visited Poacher's Pantry! I guess it's just an excuse to visit again :)

    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award - I know you've already had at least one nomination from Zoe, but I couldn't go past your blog! No pressure to go through the whole process of questions and answers again, but the details are on my blog anyway :) x

  3. Love Poachers Pantry - just discovered your blog and it's making me miss all the fab places in Canberra!