Friday, December 21, 2012

Soju Girl, Civic

I had been looking forward to dining at Soju Girl for months so my excitement level was rather high when in the midst of Christmas party madness we managed to secure a midweek dinner booking for our little family of eight.

The cuisine at Soju Girl is Modern Asian and the emphasis is on sharing dishes. There is a cocktail lounge, a casual bistro dining section and a more formal dining section, where we were seated. The decor is minimal and contemporary. The wall of colourful graffiti mural behind the bar adds a punch of colour and excitement to an otherwise muted colour scheme. The vibe was fun but it got almost too noisy as the night went on with the restaurant being at full capacity and several Christmas parties at full swing. The service was friendly and casual, which suited the general mood of the place.

After much menu perusing we decided to settle for the $42 banquet as it sounded like pretty good bang for our buck. We placed our order as well as a round of Soju Girls to start with, which arrived accompanied with bowls of warm and salty edamame.


How cute is the cocktail "glass"? Points for novelty factor! And even more points for the cocktail! This was deliciously fruity and refreshing on a hot summer day. 

As it turns out this banquet had many courses, therefore lots of photos were taken. I will keep the descriptions short and sweet but let me just say we were all in absolute food heaven from the start to finish of this meal and each course was somehow more sublime than the previous!

Course #1: Betel leaf with smoked trout and coconut chilli dressing
Incredibly delicious, fresh and balanced flavours; the kind of dish that makes your taste buds come alive!

Course #2: Cauliflower florets with puff rice and mustard foam
The batter was thin and crunchy. The spicy mustard foam cut through the cauliflower perfectly.

Course #3: Soft shell crab with Som Tom Salad and citrus dressing
The soft shell crab was perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. The hero was the fresh and tangy salad that brought the whole dish together.

Course #4: Panko crumbed calamari with koshu gribiche
The calamari was beautifully tender and the mayonnaise sauce was creamy and delectable.

Course #5: Ting Tong chicken wings
This was chicken wing heaven! The sticky caremolised sauce was so thick and rich with just the right amount of spiciness. (In my opinion, these wings are WAY better than those at Smoque that everyone's raving about)

Course #6: Whole baby snapper with chilli jam, cucumber, lychee and Thai herb salad
 Totally impressed by this photo of the fish (Thanks Ish!). The snapper was lightly fried and it was moist and delicious. The portions were so generous, we got two of these babies for our table!

 Course #7: Singapore chicken noodles
There's noodles and then there's this deliciousness! The curry that the noodles was in was incredibly rich, coconutty and creamy with beautiful aromatic spices and so much flavour. Again, we got two giant pots of this which we just couldn't polish off despite how much we loved it.

Course #8: Chocolate fondant with salted caramel and peanut butter ice cream
Everything a good dessert should be; sweet, salty, rich and crunchy. All the textures and flavours came together for this blissful dessert heaven.

So the verdict: Dear Soju Girl, I heart you! I couldn't fault a single dish here (and as you see we ate a LOT) and I will remember this meal very fondly for a long time. The modern Asian fusion theme was carried out splendidly throughout all the courses with beautiful and balanced flavours. The service was spot on all night and the banquet was great value for money. I will be back! 

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