Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello Holidays!

 Early flight to Melbourne... gimme coffee!!!

So the holiday begins! We thought we were being rather clever by getting an early flight into Melbourne to make the most of the day but we kinda forgot that it was Christmas Day and not much was going to be happening around the city! But thank god for Mamak, which is where we made a beeline to after finding out they were open for lunch! 

Oh Mamak, how I love thee? Malaysian food is one of my absolutely favourite cuisines and I was a regular at Mamak Sydney from the first week they opened their doors (before the word got out and throngs of people started lining up, might I add). When Mamak opened up recently in Melbourne it went straight to top spot in my holiday to-eat (multiple times) list. 

The soft, flaky roti canai with the curry and sambal is my idea of food heaven as it hits the spot each and every time. Watch me scoff that down! And a limo ice is the perfect thing to wash down the spicy curry with. 

We also had nasi lemak and mee goreng to share; spicy, colourful, mouthwateringly delicious (and super cheap) dishes. Mamak, you'll be seeing us a few more times before the week is over!

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  1. omg looks so delicious!!