Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chin Chin / Go Go

Say what?? That's the name of my new favourite restaurant in Melbourne, Chin Chin. The bar attached to the restaurant is Go Go. And if you haven't eaten at Chin Chin you haven't tasted the best Thai/Vietnamese/South East Asian food on this planet yet!

In true Melbourne style this place doesn't take reservations so expect to wait. But go downstairs to Go Go bar while you wait and immerse yourself amongst the hipster drinking crowd and you won't feel the wait time as much.

Chin Chin is busy with a capital B. It's loud, buzzing and sensory overload with the wafting aromas of basil, lemongrass and other mouth watering smells. The decor is eclectic, quirky and colourful with the lit up giant neon pink bunny ears and the wall of colourful Asian art as centerpieces. The menu is quite extensive and each dish sounds incredibly delicious so good luck with the selection process. 

 Something was obviously hilarious?!

The cocktails were very creative and beautifully presented. The wine list was every extensive yet tad on the pricy side. The dishes are designed to be shared, which is great considering how I wanted to order everything on that menu.

Here's what we ordered starting from top left:
1. Pork roll ups of red braised suckling pig with pancakes, slaw and Asian herbs
Tender and juicy pieces of pork with fresh slaw rolled in tissue thin pancakes was finger-lickingly delicious.

2. Chilli salt chicken wings with coriander and fresh lemon
Hello, perfect chicken wing! Crunchy and salty on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside.

3. Stir fried cuttle fish with lemon basil, snake beans, baby corn and szechuan peppers
A super fresh stir fry with beautifully balanced flavours.

4. Crispy skinned duck, pickled cucumber and ginger salad with sesame salt and fresh lemon
The duck was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The tanginess of the pickled cucumber and ginger salad cut through the duck meat perfectly.

5. Chinook salmon wrapped in banana leaf with coconut red curry, lime and thai basil
This is THE best salmon I have ever had in my life! Oh my, I will dream about this dish for years to come. The salmon wrapped in banana leaf was so moist and delicate with the red curry marinate giving just the perfect spicy kick to it.

6. Green curry of  grilled chicken with salted duck eggs and Thai basil
Incredibly creamy and aromatic curry with beautiful pieces of grilled chicken and super salty duck eggs will take your taste buds to a whole new level.

And for desert I had the candied toddy palm, honey roasted pineapple, coconut sorbet and crushed ice with dark palm sugar caramel. Apologies for the lack of photo evidence- I must have been in a state of happy delirium by this stage to concentrate on photos. I don't normally like Asian desserts but this was something else! So many flavours that came together perfectly; not super sweet or rich but just the perfect refreshingly sweet ending to an incredible dining experience.

So the verdict: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place; beautiful flavours, perfectly balanced dishes, great service and an oh-so-Melbournesque experience. Eat here and fall in love just like I did- guaranteed! 

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