Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boxing Day Excitement

Arghhhhh the excitement of the Boxing Day test! (if you didn't know already, let me just say I have an unnatural obsession with cricket; for all intensive purposes you could call it my religion). We got all decked up and headed out to the G nice and early to grab good seats. A pitstop was made at my favourite graffiti-lined Melbourne lane way for a quick breakfast and then it was onwards to join 70000 other revelers at the MCG.

It was a fabulous day; perfect warm sunny weather, lots of beers, lots of grooving to baila, lots of cheering and lots of fun. But the actual cricket match didn't go the way I wanted so let's not talk about that.

In the name of drowning our sorrows we headed to Cookie for dinner and cocktails. Cookie is a Thai restaurant/cocktail lounge/beer hall/roof top bar all thrown into one. It's eclectic and quirky; shelves lined with children's books and toys, graffiti mural walls, walls plastered with posters of all sorts, dim lighting, colorful table settings, retro plates etc etc.

The cocktails were fantastic. A long, almost over-whelming menu and the flavours were Asian influenced and very generous on the alcohol.

We ordered few dishes to share; pictures from top left clockwise; penang lamb and eggplant curry, stir fried squid with onion, garlic and salted eggs, deep fried snapper with bok choy, tamarind and crispy shallots, roasted duck salad with pineapple, tomato and basil, egg net salad with minced chicken, spinach and cashews and drunken prawns with garlic coriander and Mekong whiskey. The food was a bit of a mix bag. The lamb curry was the stand out dish; creamy and mild curry with tender and succulent pieces of lamb was a winner. The snapper was also delicious; beautifully cooked fish was perfectly complemented by the crunch of the  crispy shallots and the garlicy bok choy. The squid wasn't to everyone's taste but I enjoyed it as it was cooked well. The duck salad was fresh and light but didn't rock anyone's world. The egg net salad looked pretty but tasted quite bland. The drunken prawns were also rather bland and not very memorable. 

So the verdict: The general consensus was that portion sizes were very small and although the menu is very extensive the dishes were a bit of a hit or a miss. Our recent experience at Soju Girl Canberra meant we have very high standards when it comes to modern Asian food so the overall flavours here didn't quite compare. However, Cookie is a very Melbourne experience and worth trying as there's bound to be something in the extensive menu to satisfy everyone's tastebuds. And if not, the cocktail list is guaranteed to make up for it!

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